About Us

A Clinical-Stage Biotech Company that Bridges Science and Culture

Anji Pharma is a clinical-stage biotech company with operations in the U.S., Beijing, and Shanghai. Our deep science expertise and our innate problem-solving enable Anji to bring medicines to patients around the world – quickly and safely.

We Get Science Done

At Anji, “getting it done” is our north star. We prioritize high-value, late-stage therapies with human evidence that it works. It’s an approach that brings higher clinical success rates, lower development costs, and long-term value for our partners. No red tape, no hype; just a steadfast focus on results.

Focused on Results

We are united by a pioneering spirit and a passion for helping patients improve their quality of life. Taking a “best idea wins” approach, we work efficiently and urgently to drive short-term success while building a foundation for long-term growth.

Where History Meets Modern Science

Our name was inspired by the Anji Bridge (Zhaozhou Bridge), one of the oldest stone-arch bridges in the world. Anji translates to “safe crossing,” a term that captures our free exchange of innovative science and ideas. It also means “to aid those in need,” aptly reflecting our own mission of improving the lives of patients everywhere.

With its ingenious construction, the Anji Bridge has weathered wars, floods, and earthquakes for over 1,400 years. It stands as a model of strength, efficiency, and long-term sustainability, the very qualities that define our work.

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